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Junjou Romantica 10th Years Anniversary!

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In celebrating the 10th years anniversary of Junjou Romantica,
Release Schedule:

1st April 2012
Kodakawa Ruby Bunko - Junai Romantica vol.7 ♥

TresTres June issue release on 28th April 2012 
Cover & Manga - Junjou Romantica
Fukuroku (supplement) - Sekai ichi Hatsu koi seiyuu DVD

1st May 2012
Manga - Junjou Romantica vol.15

CIEL July issue expect to release on May 2012
Manga - Sekai ichi Hatsu koi

20th Dec 2012
Manga - Junjou Romantica vol.16, Limited DVD version have to place order before 20th Sep 2012.


Thanks very much for the info! I'll need to make a note so I won't forget to do pre-order xD
No info about this new anime Junjou Romantica?O.o
They said they were going to make new anime JR~

Ugh, I wish Sakurai could appear in JunRom Seiyuu event even I knew he didn't like it >_<

Thanks for the info =)
Are you going to PO them?XD

Btw, I'll reply your previous comment later ^^
Not yet....Yep, according to the TresTres April issue, it just announced Nakamura Shungiku New Anime is in processing but never mention what is the anime..have to wait for the next issue of TresTres^^ http://www.kadokawa.co.jp/mag/ciel_ex/

Sakurai-san definitely will appear in JR seiyuu event, Usagi-san will drag him to the event no matter what happen! XDDDDD

I'll think about it first..as limited edition always expensive >__<

No problem^^♥
Thanks for the news!
Thank you for the info!!
Thank you so much for the info! Waiting for both novel and manga :)
Wow! Thanks for sharing.